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What you need to do to prepare to take The Foundation Course

Foundation Preparation Guidelines:

Our first goal is to give you a solid foundation in Michael Chekhov’s acting techniques, as outlined in Mr. Chekhov's Preface of On the Technique of Acting.

Second, you will have the opportunity to apply these ideas to a monologue from Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters. You may select your own or ask us for a recommendation. You will use this monologue in class to practice techniques with and will present your monologue in recital using the tools acquired in our workshop. The aim will be to see how differently they can be done using these techniques. We need not worry about making these the “best” as our goal is to experiment in a safe environment. 

Additionally, you will learn about the biography of Michael Chekhov and how it influenced the development of the technique, the role of the Michael Chekhov Technique in the world of actor training, and the significance of it in the development of humanity.


Please read “ON THE TECHNIQUE OF ACTINGby Michael Chekhov. This can be found on the Products page of this website, as well at Amazon and many book stores.

Please memorize a Spoon River Anthology monologue by Edgar Lee Masters and bring a copy with you each day - you will mark up the copy with notes.


BE WELLLLLLL RESTED before you come.

Prep your mind
Reading Michael Chekhov’s work On the Technique of Acting will help you integrate the concepts more deeply. Bring questions with you.
Prep your body
Spend some time loosening your body and stretching for the week or two before if you are not regularly physically active. Eat well and Get plenty of rest before you come and don’t make any plans for the whole weekend. You will be receiving an “intense” experience and want to be in good physical condition. Any physical limitations you have can be accommodated (wheel chairs, bad backs, knee injuries, etc.). Please clearly state to Lisa before beginning.
Prep your monologue
Memorize your Spoon River Monologue with no interpretation, using slow and fast speeds, changing where you pause, eliminating punctuation, monotone, sing-song, etc. If you memorize with a set rhythm or meaning, you will increase the difficulty of integrating the new tools as they will inspire their own meaning and rhythm. You will get the strongest experience with the technique free of the paper, so at least memorize the words.
Bring headshots and resumes and a note book/journal, to which you can add some helpful charts and handouts.
Please wear workout style, loose clothing for class.  Layer clothing to account for temperature differences in the class rooms and outside. Plan on working in soft soled shoes, barefoot or in socks. Sneakers, running shoes, boots, heels are discouraged.

For Monologue presentation on the final day, wear black pants/skirt and solid color shirt, black shoes and socks.

Invite someone to the sharing on the last day of the workshop. You will be proud of the work you have to perform.